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Negros Navigation Promo-Feel the FREEDOM 2go to our hot destinations this July.

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Selling Period: Jul 5 - 8, 2013
Sailing Period: Jul 8 - 31, 2013

For Visayas is Php 488.00 while for Mindanao is Php 788.00 per way plus additional surcharges. 

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Negros Navigation Freight: Making Hay From Self-incovenience

When Sulficio Tagud, Jr. was asked why he chose to retain the name Negros Navigation after he had almost single-handedly plucked the floundering company out of stormy waters, his answer was straightforward.

"There is value to the corporate name because it had survived seventy eight years. It has built up equity in the market place," Tagud explains emphatically, the reverence for and silent pride in the iconic shipping firm palpable.

It was only six years since Tagud and his group took over the reins of the company which was then regarded as a basket case. With a tight grip on resources and a no nonsense approach to management, he wrestled with the festering problems, outlined a practical set of priorities and made the employees and stakeholders toe the line with military precision. In as little as three years, they were seeing black.

By 2007, Negros Navigation was making money again and had been consistently profitable since. The citations and awards two years in a row from the local internal revenue district proclaiming NN as the biggest taxpayer in that northern part of the metro say it eloquently. That is by far among the fastest exits from economic rehab by a major company.

Tagud will not trumpet his accomplishments but there is a glint in the eyes of NN oldtimers who doff their hats at the man who was able to provide the employees their first bonuses in decades, restore the company to its former glory and still be able to do the nation extra service by ferrying soldiers to the battlefield or transporting relief goods to a disaster-hit area.

For the longest time, NN had been moving passengers and their cargo. The company pioneered in hauling sugar and the sagadas to and from Negros and Panay islands. It later evolved into a national inter-island ferry and cargo service.

When the Asian economic crisis hurt the industry in 1997, a change in the behavior of customers was observed. Tagud noted that Negros Navigation passage department was struggling through a feast and famine mode of operations, feasting thru only three passenger peak months in a year and grappling through nine months of low passenger volume. However, the cargo section of the business was constant from January to December.

Tagud further probed the operations. "The era of high fuel prices was one compelling reason for a switch to a more stable source of revenue," he thought. He checked other liners and saw that shippers could not rely on many of them because of ill-maintained vessels. If a ship always gets delayed because of breakdowns, a businessman and his cargo will suffer. He needs a reliable shipper with a regular schedule.

"We therefore decided to expand our existing business since we already had the vessels and the capacity. Our schedules were run tightly because we put a premium on maintenance and security." (A quick check of NN’s maritime history shows no major incident of disaster caused by negligence or irresponsibility. A wayward PNOC ship rammed one of its vessels once in a freak accident which investigators blamed on the government fuel tanker.)

The next step Tagud et al took was to reconfigure the cargo capacity of its three Ro-Pax vessels (combination cargo and passengers) with proper oversight and approvals from the Marina and nautical experts. M/S St.Peter, for instance, which before handled only ninety containers was outfitted to accommodate one hundred twenty.
Negros Navigation later acquired five more ships dedicated to cargo so it can literally service the entire breadth of the archipelago with regular schedules.

In no time, the company was able to commit to shippers, transforming their raison d’etre to "customer satisfaction".
Today, with a newly spun-off company simply called NN Freight, Negros Navigation redefined shipping from the traditional pier-to-pier transport to the more trend-setting house to house service. It is able to pick up cargo from a manufacturing center anywhere in the country and deliver the same direct to its plant in a seamless logistical operation. NN’s costs are friendlier and their timetables are more reliable because NN Freight operates as a liner with a fixed route and schedule. (A liner is different from a trumper, which goes only to where a particular cargo is destined. As it were, it would not depart until it has reached full capacity.)

Tagud beams when he lays out his company’s offer of sacrifice: "We inconvenience ourselves to make it convenient for our customers." -Negros Navigation

Negros Navigation Annivesary

Check these greetings video of Negros Navigation on it's 75th year anniversary!

Negros Navigation Freight Unveiled

Negros Navigation recently unveiled what it promises to be a smart choice for cargo shipping: NN Freight.

NN Freight aims to provide faster and more efficient transport of cargo to practically any destination in the Philippines.

With nationwide coverage, NN Freight offers door-to-door, pier-to-pier, door-to-pier, and pier-to-door delivery for the convenience of its many customers.

NN Chairman Sulficio Tagud, Jr. believes that cargo service should begin right at the doorstep of every customer and ends not only at the piers but right where the recipients are and where the goods are needed.

"NN Freight will go wherever its customers want it to go. We will get their goods wherever they may be: in their homes, offices, warehouses, production centers, and factories, and deliver them exactly where they want them received," according to the company's top visionary, who has steered Negros Navigation from a near basket case to one of the strongest ocean liners in the country today.

Successful and on-time delivery of cargo is ensured by NN's regular shipping schedules on regular routes throughout the year. "NN's regular schedules will provide logistics and supplies managers a distinct advantage in planning and formulating efficient and cost-effective distribution strategies for their companies," according to Tagud.

NN also recently upgraded their existing fleet and added more new vessels to expand cargo capacity and to ensure the safety and security of its delivery. It has been a trusted leader in transporting passengers and cargo for more than 77 years, making it one of the most experienced shipping companies in the country.

Customers will also experience the warm personalized service of NN Freight's highly trained and experienced staff whenever they come to send and receive their freight.

Topping it all, NN Freight offers the most value for money with one of the most competitive freight forwarding prices in the market today. Negros Navigation has been known to provide the most affordable prices for its various services, especially for its thousands of passengers.

The philosophy behind NN Freight's quality of service delivery is best articulated by chairman Tagud: "We are here to inconvenience ourselves, for the utmost convenience of our customers." -Negros Navigation

Negros Navigation Vessel

Tribute to MS San Paolo crew (Negros Navigation vessel), flagship of Negros Navigation with routes in Manila, Cebu, Tagbilaran, Ozamis & Iligan. The oldest and smallest ship in its line. Built in 1971 with a cruise speed of only 16 knots.

Negros Navigation: Low Rates For Love Season

A perfect offering from Negros Navigation.

Celebrate this year’s red-letter day in adorable fashion with Negros Navigation’s irresistible ‘Valentine Crazy Sale’ lowest fares offer.

“We have decided to heed the clamor of the general public to add more promo allocations. Negros Navigation’s LOVE MONTH CRAZY SALE launched last week was warmly received as promo slots were decimated in only a few days. This time around, we have doubled our allocation for promo slots and thus we’ll be offering thousands of promo slots to travelers,” said Gian S. Galvez, head of National Marketing and Public Relations.

“Lovers, families and ‘barkadas’ can now avail of the low rates and can afford to travel in groups since rates are really low. We also advise people who are interested in purchasing low fare tickets to troop to ticket outlets on the promo dates and we assure them that there’s going to be a promo ticket waiting,” added Galvez.

Negros Navigation offers more promo slots for Manila to Visayas (and vice versa) routes for as low as P477 and Manila to Mindanao (vice versa) departures for only P777 if tickets are bought between February 12 to 15, 2010. Sailing dates are between February 14 – 28, 2010. Negros Navigation is also selling low fare tickets to those traveling during the period of March 22 to April 4, regarded by many as peak season.

For updates on latest promos and other travel perks, log on to or visit any NN ticket outlets near you. -Negros Navigation

Negros Navigation (Philippine ship spotters collection)

Check this video below on Negros Navigation:

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